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Rubber Cork Roll 2mm 1x10m2 (107.63 sqft)
  • Rubber Cork Roll 2mm 1x10m2 (107.63 sqft)

Rubber Cork Roll 2mm 1x10m2 (107.63 sqft)


Rubber cork is a material that is made from a combination of rubber and cork granules. This unique material combines the benefits of rubber and cork, making it extremely versatile and useful in many applications.

The properties of rubber cork are many and varied, but some of them include:

1. Flexibility: rubber cork is highly flexible and has the ability to conform to the shape of a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for use in many different applications.

2. Waterproof: The rubber stopper is waterproof, meaning that it is resistant to water and moisture. This makes it suitable for use in areas where moisture is present, for example in bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoors.

3. resistance to mechanical damage: the rubber stopper is highly resistant to mechanical damage such as scratches, impacts, and other damage caused by use. This makes it durable and has a long service life.

4 Insulating properties: Rubber cork also has good insulating properties, both thermal and acoustic. This makes it suitable for use as an insulation material in construction and other applications.

5. Ease of cleaning: Rubber cork is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical material for use in the home and in a variety of workplaces.

In summary, rubber cork is a material with many advantages such as flexibility, water resistance, resistance to mechanical damage and good insulating properties. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including construction, industry and also in the home.

Rubber Cork Roll 2mm 1x10m2 (107.63 sqft)

Rubber Cork Roll 2mm 1x10m2 (107.63 sqft)

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Thickness: 2mm

Size: 1x10m (3.28X32.81FT)

Density: 600 kg/m3

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