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Cork Sheet Roll 2mm 1000x1500mm (16.14 sqft)


The 1000x1500mm (16.14 sqft) natural cork is a material that has many applications in various fields.

It is lightweight, soft, and easy to work with, making it an excellent model-making material. Thanks to its flexibility, natural cork can be easily bent, cut, and shaped into various forms and sizes, allowing modelers to create highly detailed and realistic designs.

It is also very durable and resistant to damage, allowing it to be used in harsh environments and during heavy use. This is very important, especially for models often exposed to mechanical damage.

Natural cork is also a very good thermal and acoustic insulator, making it ideal for use in modeling projects that require insulation. As a result, natural cork can be used for model houses, buildings, and other structures that require good insulation properties.

In modeling, natural cork can be used as a material for the base on which models are set. It can also be used as a decorative material, for example, to create landscape elements such as trees, shrubs, or rocks.

In conclusion, the 1000x1500mm (16.14 sqft) natural cork is a very practical material in modeling, with strength, flexibility, and excellent insulation properties.

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Cork Sheet Roll 2mm 1000x1500mm (16.14 sqft)


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Technical Specification:

Size: 1000x1500mm (16.14 sqft)

Thickness: 2mm

Mute: 21db

Volume density: 200-220kg/m3

Water absorption: 2-4%

Thermal conductivity: 0.053 W/mK

Antistatic: Yes

Anti-allergic: Yes

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