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Cork sheet 3mm 220x300mm (8.66 x 11.81in) 2pcs


Natural cork sheets are a popular choice among hobbyists because of their ease of customization and painting. These sheets provide a versatile surface that can be easily transformed to suit various artistic projects.

The smooth and porous texture of natural cork sheets allows for effortless customization. Whether you want to carve intricate designs, create embossed patterns, or add decorative elements, cork sheets provide a receptive medium that can be easily shaped and manipulated. With the right tools and techniques, you can bring your creative ideas to life on the surface of the cork.

Additionally, cork's absorbent nature makes it an excellent canvas for painting. The cork's porous structure allows for vibrant colors and precise details, whether you prefer acrylics, watercolors, or even markers. You can experiment with different painting techniques, layering colors, or creating mixed media artwork on cork sheets.

Moreover, cork's natural earthy tones and unique grain patterns add an organic and rustic charm to any project. You can choose to incorporate the natural beauty of the cork into your design or prime the surface to create a blank canvas for your artistic vision.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, natural cork sheets offer endless possibilities for creative expression.

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Cork sheet 3mm 220x300mm (8.66 x 11.81in) 2pcs


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Technical Specification:

Size: 220x300mm (8.66 x 11.81in)

Thickness: 3mm

Mute: 22db

Water absorption: 2-4%

Thermal conductivity: 0.053 W/mK

Antistatic: Yes

Anti-allergic: Yes


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