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Brick with Grout: Australian Red with Black Grout


Price is per 25 pcs - 0.47m2 (5.05sqft)

The tile is a faithful reproduction of a classic demolition brick. The tiles are made from a gypsum-cement mix, making them durable and robust. The Australian Red model is our design, made from scratch by our company in our art studio. The details are very accurately reproduced and the tile is deceptively similar to an actual brick. The timeless character of brick guarantees a beautiful appearance in every room. Thanks to the variety of individual elements, each arrangement will be unique and will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the interior of your home or office.

Our brick tiles offer effortless installation as each piece is designed as a separate unit, making it as easy as child's play to set them up. Moreover, the tiles maintain a consistent color both indoors and outdoors, ensuring a seamless aesthetic transition. Crafted from a durable gypsum-cement mix, the bricks are highly resilient and resistant to staining, unlike tiles composed solely of gypsum.

For a uniform surface, our bricks feature a built-in grout and an additional mounting grout to cover the joints. This meticulous construction process guarantees an even finish. Each tile is meticulously cast using professional molds, resulting in precise and consistent elements.

To streamline the installation process, our tiles undergo automated drying, ensuring they arrive fully dried and ready for immediate installation. Furthermore, their high density offers enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation, providing an added layer of protection for your space.

Thanks to the unique texture and composition of our bricks, any damage or breakage that may occur after years of use will remain virtually invisible. Additionally, if you ever desire a color change, our bricks can be easily painted with regular wall paint.

To ensure the safe delivery of our tiles, they are meticulously packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes. Rest assured, these boxes provide excellent protection, and our shipments are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Brick with Grout: Australian Red with Black Grout

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Technical specification:

Length: 25cm (9.84 in)

Width: 7.5cm (2.95 in)

Thickness: 2cm

Weight per box: 6kg

Tiles in Box: 25 pcs - 0.47m2 (5.05sqft)


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