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Elevation Brick with Grout: Cream with Black Grout
  • Elevation Brick with Grout: Cream with Black Grout

Elevation Brick with Grout: Cream with Black Grout


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Price is per 23 pcs - 0.43m2 (4.62sqft)

The bricks can also be used indoors

Crafted using solid-colored architectural concrete comprising premium-grade white cement (52.5 strength class), washed sand, and durable pigments that resist fading and withstand harsh weather conditions, this tile faithfully replicates the charm of a traditional dismantled brick. Our company's art studio meticulously handcrafted this original design, ensuring its uniqueness and quality. With its enduring allure, this brick tile promises an exquisite aesthetic for any facade or interior space. The assortment of distinct elements offers endless possibilities for creating individual arrangements that enhance the splendor of your home or office.

Installation is extremely simple and produces quick results so that the entire surface can be covered without the need for additional grouting. You can do it yourself! Installation is so simple that even a child can manage it, and the lack of grouting significantly reduces installation costs. Our bricks are always produced in different shades and have subtle shading to make the result as natural as possible.

In addition, this tile provides an extra layer of robust thermal and acoustic insulation with a thickness of 2.5 cm. The variety of color patterns and the unique 3D structure gives the façade a unique character and charm. The installation cost is significantly lower than traditional cut bricks or clinker.

Our product is completely fire-resistant and non-flammable. It can be installed in areas exposed to dirt and mechanical damage. In addition, the very low water absorption makes impregnation unnecessary. Our bricks are made from an extremely durable mix that is resistant to weather and mechanical damage. They are also easy to maintain and clean easily.

All our tiles are made from environmentally friendly materials, supplied directly from European mines.

We ship via a reputable courier service. Our bricks are carefully packed in dedicated cardboard packaging. Shipments are insured.

Our product is 100% ecological and safe for you and your family. We do not use artificial separators in the production process.

Elevation Brick with Grout: Cream with Black Grout

Elevation Brick with Grout: Cream with Black Grout

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Technical specification:

Length: 25cm (9.84 in)

Width: 7.5cm (2.95 in)

Thickness: 2.2 - 2.5cm

53 pcs = 1m2 (10.76sqft) 

Weight per box: 16kg

Tiles in Box: 23 pcs - 0.43m2 (4.62sqft)


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