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Underlay XPS 3mm 5m2 (53.81 sqft)


The underlay made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) is suitable for various types of floating floors, including laminated panels and three-layer boards. It is designed to enhance the durability of the floor and improve user comfort. The structure of these underlays allows for high load-bearing capacity and compensates for surface irregularities. Additionally, they act as a barrier against mold, reduce noise transmission, and provide excellent insulation properties.


Please note that while XPS underlays offer some level of noise reduction, they may not provide significant acoustic insulation compared to dedicated soundproofing materials. If your primary concern is soundproofing, it's advisable to consider specialized acoustic insulation products such as mineral wool panels, soundproof drywall, or acoustic mats, along with other factors like floor construction and subfloor insulation for optimal results.

Underlay XPS 3mm 5m2 (53.81 sqft)


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Technical specification:

Size per board: 1000x500mm (39.37 x 19.69in)

Surface: 5m2 (53.81 sqft)

Thickness: 3mm

Mute: 21dB

High Quality

High Density

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